The iBUSO group of companies specialise in group/employee benefits with the focus on wellness and wealth creation.

It is a group of innovative companies that are well structured and are managed by dynamic and solution driven people that focus on wealth creation for the individual, by empowering them with the necessary instruments.

iBUSO is well regulated and licensed where necessary. iBUSO?s existence right is formed in a value system which is maintained through constant and positive interaction with the market place.


The services encompass:

a) Finances (Short term loans)

b) Payroll cards & Mobile banking

c) Risk benefits (Funeral plans)

d) Technologies (Cell phone and airtime as well as household appliances)

e) Complete data management technologies

f) Co-operative Services (Financial Services Co-operatives)?


?The iBUSO Co-operative Services:

This specialist unit (The only one in South Africa!) specialises in the activation, servicing, Management and Administration of Financial Services Co-ops. With more than 25 years of experience in financial management, this unit is well positioned to assists ?Groupings? in the administration of member owned saving and benefit funds.

The iBUSO Co-operative service offers a host of saving and loan products.

The MAIN benefits for the member are:

a) SAVE  at high rates

b) LOAN at low rates

c) Personal assistance

d) Web driven via ?MyCoop? program

e) Banking services that are better than the bank?


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