e-phone enable customers to Stay in Touch with Anyone from Anywhere at Anytime across Any Network to Any Handset from selected Smartphone at a Fraction of the Normal Cost.


What is e-phone?

V4M is the first company to package VoIP calling in a successful business solution.


Many other companies proved VoIP services, but V4M has combined all the different possibilities into one application called ? e-phone!


The benefits of the e-phone system


o        e-phone is a communications application that is downloaded from the internet onto your smartphone / laptop / desktop that provides full smartphone functionality via the V4M service.


o        e-phone uses the internet to transmit voice calls.


o        e-phone utilises the following networks and bandwidths: 3G; HSDPA; WiFi; 4G to transfer voice over data.


o        On monthly packages in-community e-phone to e-phone calls are free.


o        e-phone enables users to save 25-80% on their monthly mobile phone accounts.


o        e-phone guarantees massive savings on international calls with no roaming charges, connecting to over 200 countries and 19 000 different service providers.


o        The e-phone service connects calls to all land lines and all cell phone networks.

o        e-phone offers some of the cheapest international call rates ? check our website.

o        Same e-phone number and application can be applied to smartphone and desktop PC or laptop.

o        e-phone enables the user to make conference calls between landlines, cell phones, desktops and laptops all at the same time.


o        Check rate before making the call.

o        e-phone calls are totally secure ? the internet network do not recognise it as a voice call ? therefore in countries where e-mail and voice calls are traced e-phone is an secure option.

o        e-phone integrates with current address book on your cell phone.

o        e-phone operates in conjunction with your excising cell phone number.

o        Your e-phone number is for life.

o        Voice calls can be made from your computer while normal computer programs are in operation.

o        Voice call can be recorded on computer.

o        For more information please contact us or visit :



How to obtain your e-phone.

o       Go to the V4M Chatterbox website

o       Complete the signup form.

o       Under Tutorials read the download applications for your device ? each phone type has its own instructions.

o       Receive your SMS and email confirming your signup and your e-number & password.

o       Download the e-phone application onto your device according to download instructions.

o       Register your e number and password, now you are ready to go.


Current Promotion e-phone for individuals.

o       For every user you refer successfully, you will receive R25 worth of e-time (e-phone Airtime)

o       When you have refer 50 users successfully you will receive R1 000 in cash and also be entered into the monthly prize draw to the value of R5 000. Your ?counter? is then reset and you can start with your next 50 referrals for another entry.


e-phone internet support service

o       Login with e-number & password on the website:

o       Manage your account, buy more airtime, sign-up friends and family, check rates, FAQ, compare rates and many more.


         e-phone Service numbers

Voicemail           555                         Recharge             500

Echo test             505                         Support                                555911


Chatterbox  e-phone Social Responsibility

o       In order for Chatterbox to grow our e-phone community we offer the following to Schools and registered Charities.

o       40 % on all our commission earned on clients that sign-up through the specific School or Charity.

o       The potential earnings for this project could be:

1.      For 1 000 users signed-up over a 12 month period on the Entry package  = R 50 000

2.      For 2 000 users signed-up over a 12 month period on different packages = R 230 000

This Project offers the school or charity to earn extra money but also the e-phone user to save on their monthly cell phone bill.

Chatterbox will offer assistance to Schools and Charities to grow their communities.

Check our website for complete plan comparison ?:

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