Established in 1999, Soy?Ser Coaching & Consulting comprises a group of highly skilled, trained and certified professionals with strong national and international links.


Our premise is that excellence is created through addressing two distinct facets ? inherent human capability and work context (fit into the organisation). Soy Ser (meaning: I am ? I am going to be) assures alignment of these two facets, which result in excellence in both the individual and the organisation.


What differentiates us from our competitors?


Our two-tier approach, supported by various cutting-edge cognitive behavioural methodologies, allows flexible interventions that address both individual and the organisation?s specific and unique needs. Interventions can only be deemed successful if a tangible positive outcome is visible and measurable in the work place, resulting in a more effective employee, reduced costs and/or increased profitability.


Our purpose is to assist our clients to improve their organisation?s profitability by identifying and developing human potential and performance. We believe that any intervention is a partnership between the client and ourselves.


We specialise in the following areas:


         Coaching of:

o         Business leaders;

o        Executives;

o        Managers.

         Behavioural profiling and assessment which provide you with greater insight into human thinking and behaving in the workplace;

         Developing performance models and benchmark behaviour of your high performers;

         Team development and team building;

         Aligning your employees thinking and behavior to ensure job satisfaction and job engagement;


o        Supervisory and Management training;

o        Leadership development;

o        Recruitment and selection training;

o        Interpersonal skills training;

o        Sales training;

o        Customer care training;

o        Communication training;

o        Facilitation skills training;

o        Presentation skills training;

o        Coaching & mentoring;

o        Personal mastery training.


o        Climate and culture surveys;

o        Strategy workshop facilitation;

o        Business process mapping and alignment;

o        Change management.


We assist managers in developing their most important assets, their human capital, to their maximum in order to ensure people-work interface optimisation.


Contact Dawie van der Merwe @ 082 575 6284 or send an e-mail to

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