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I primarily offer 7 services, as well as some related products:


Marketing Strategy development

Marketing Strategy is not a luxury but the foundation for business success, It comprises a measurable Master Plan within which all tactical actions must take place.


I first have a 1-hour explorative meeting with the relevant role-player(s). NB: Free of charge, with no obligation on the prospective client�s side.


 If they decide to use my services, we set dates for the next steps � a �Bosberaad�, with all relevant role-players attending on 2 consecutive days from 4 � 9 pm (or later, if necessary); followed by a 3 � 4 hour session 7 � 10 days later. A master template © results in a comprehensive marketing strategy in writing after the final session.


My fee is negotiable, depending on the size/complexity of the business (VAT not applicable). NB: Capital City Business Chamber members get special rates.


Marketing related Seminars and In-house Workshops

Seminars can be tailored for full-day or half-day. Presented to Business Chambers or other groupings; individual businesses, or businesses clubbing together to reduce costs. Unlimited attendance. Fee negotiable.

In-house Workshops are conducted at the client�s premises for a maximum of 50 attendees. All workshops are full-day (except �Sales Chassis Plans and Presentation Skills� � minimum of 1½ days recommended, and a maximum of 30 attendees accepted). Seminar and Workshop topics are �Marketing and Selling � there is no magic�; �Practical Advertising for small to medium sized businesses�; �Sales Chassis Plans and Presentation Skills�; �Customer Care for the Total Buying Experience�; �Marketing Strategy demystified�;  The Master Key to Successful Marketing, Selling and Customer Loyalty�; and �Practical Long-term Motivation�. Fee:: R3 300 per day, irrespective of number of attendees. (CCBC members pay only R2 950). Workbooks are supplied electronically.

NB: Tailor-made seminars or workshops on different topics can be negotiated.

NNB: I can also deliver Keynote Addresses on the above or related topics, or act as MC at diverse events.


Entrepreneurship Training

Aimed at achieving two goals:

·         To empower people to make the paradigm shift from Salary Earner mentality to Entrepreneur

·         To ensure success through proper Strategising, Systems, Skills and Techniques

Aimed at people who want to start their own business a well as people who have been/are about to be retrenched

NB: For groups of 10 or more, I am prepared to train country wide. Fee: Negotiable.


Homepage writing

Your most important marketing document is the homepage of your website � a highly specialized �sales letter� that should turn Suspects into Prospects. Many websites are fully SEO (Search Engine Optimized), attracting numerous �hits� per day but a disproportionately low percentage of enquiries � indicating that the homepage copy is not effective. I use the international AIDA approach to turn Hits into Enquiries, bearing in mind that you have 4 seconds to attract the attention of the Suspect; and then 14 seconds to turn him into a Prospect � else he clicks out. (AIDA = attract Attention; arouse Interest; create Desire; instigate Action � this requires a special writing technique). Fee: R900, + R300 for a pre-meeting � recommended (outside the Greater Pretoria Area a travelling fee of R2/km applies). NB: Fee is considerably less for Marketing Strategy Development clients, and no pre-meeting is required. NNB: R750 + R200 for CCBC members.


General Creative Copy-writing, Editing, and Translations

I also specialize in general creative copy-writing; intelligent editing - including checking for wrong sequence, double meanings, duplications, and wrong words (compare, for instance "enquiry" - I want to know more - with "query" - I have a problem with something); and idiomatic translations between Afrikaans and English in both directions. Realistic rates, with special discount for CCBC members.



·         E-book, �The Master Key to Success in Business and Personal Relations� available at Price: $22.50

·         �n Stel van 3 CDs oor bemarkingstrategie-ontwikkeling. Bevat 6 radio-onderhoude met my van 30 minute elk. Professionele Bemarkingstrategie-inligting in Afrikaans is skaars. Prys: R180 � sluit aflewering (Groter Pretoria Area) in, of posgeld landwyd.  (CCBC lede: R160).

·         A set of 2 CDs by Robin J Elliott, President of the DollarMakers International Joint Venture Club, �How to Start your Business with No Money and No Risk� and �How to Grow your Business with No Money and No Risk. Price: R130 � including delivery or postage. (CCBC members: R110).

·         �How to Manage your Thoughts and Emotions and be Happy Most of the Time�, a CD by Robin J Elliott. Price: R80 � includes delivery, or postage if outside Pretoria Area. (CCBC members: R70).


Statements in Steel structured business opportunity

Comprehensive information at



·         Live background piano music for any occasion*

·         One-man Band performances for weddings or other functions (Sixties, Seventies & Eighties evergreens)*

·         Two One-man Cabaret Shows (English/Afrikaans)*     *To book me for any event, phone 079 634 1340

·         Solo piano music CD, �Marnus Magic� available � evergreens from the past 50 years.

·         One-man Band CD, �Liefsongkies/Love Songs� available � Marnus playing and singing his own compositions.


Comprehensive information, demo tracks & DVD, and buying facility available at 




Don�t take my word for what my services can do for your business � see what my clients say at



BA Hons (Media Science); Assessor (SAQA); Mastermind Marketing (Abraham Foundation USA)

079 634 1340  e-mail: or

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